Let’s Preserve Our Access To Supplements

I am not an alarmist or an extremist but when a member of the Healthy Gut community (thank you, Pamela) posted this petition, I felt compelled to spread the word. If you care about your [...]

Broccoli: Raw or Cooked?

I love broccoli. My mother ate a ton of it while pregnant with all three kids and we were all born loving broccoli. My father? Not so much – call it too much of a [...]

Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Here is a delicious way to get broccoli's beneficial isothiocynates, compounds which can help detox out excess estrogen and have cancer-protective properties. The sauerkraut or kimchi have the added benefit of even more isothiocynates. Check out Broccoli: Cooked [...]

Do You Suffer From Anxiety?

I suffer from anxiety and have for several years. I know many others who do as well. I understand why I do. I understand the stress I am under and why I choose to continue [...]

Genetically Modified Probiotics – How Scary Is This?

Scientists are genetically modifying lactobacillus and bifidus bacteria strains. Do we ever learn? Apparently not. And they are applying for patents on the strains. Our relationship with our gut bacteria has evolved over millions of years. [...]

Paleo Ancestors Did Eat Grains and Legumes

Here is a great video from archeologist Christina Warinner with an intelligent look at the Paleo diet. It is unfortunate that this type of presentation will never be seen or heard by those who need [...]

Weight Loss Is Not Everything

It has been a long two and half months since my accident and while I am mostly healed, I feel it has really thrown me off my normal routine, which means sharing less information with [...]

Roasted Prebiotic Vegetables

So here is an opportunity to try some new things. I would like to share with an easy recipe to help you get more prebiotic fibre into you diet. Diversity of food is the key [...]


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