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    Choose The Program That's Right For You! Buy Any Program and Receive: The Amplify The Experience Program  For FREE (see details below) Healthy Hormone Done -For-Your Program: Save $150 Everything done for you so you are ready to launch: menu plan, handouts, blog posts, power points, questionnaires and instructions. Regular, vegan and paleo [...]

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Immunotherapy, Cancer and Gut Bacteria

Immunotherapy is seen as a promising new treatment for cancer. Unlike the scorched-earth premise of chemotherapy and radiation, immunotherapy tries to get the person’s own immune system to take care of the cancer. It is really quite logical. When the immune systems fails to prevent cancer, it can occur.  Most natural and alternative therapies follow this line [...]

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The Swerve Experiment

Recently, I was asked by a member in the Healthy Gut community for my thoughts on Swerve. It’s a lab-made natural sweetener. I’ll let you ponder that statement for a second. Made of ingredients derived from fruits and starchy-root vegetables, it is considered zero-calorie and claims to substitute for sugar 1:1. It is called natural [...]

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Is This The Fountain of Youth?

Still not sure you should be supporting your gut? Or the value of diversity in your diet? Well if you want to be “ridiculously healthy” at age 90, a new study may change your mind. Just published in the journal MSphere, a combined Canadian-Chinese study looked at the gut microbiota for a 1000 Chinese people [...]

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What Is The Healthiest Job?

I am sure you have all heard that sitting for long periods is bad for you, even if you exercise. According to the research, sitting up to 8-10 hours every day can: Increased the risk of death from any cause by 50 percent Increase heart-related issues such as chest pain or heart attack by 125 [...]

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New Antibiotics: Guess Where They Are Looking?

With a rise in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, researchers are looking for new antibiotics in the most unusual place. What is that place? Us!  Scientists have been analyzing genes from bacteria taken from the microbiome to find antibiotic properties. It is already known that “good” gut bacteria have the ability to fight “bad” bacteria. And this also [...]

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Marijuana: I Am Blown Away

With the legalization of marijuana looming and more research stating its possible benefits, many of us are wondering where it will fit in a holistic nutrition world. Well it just got really complicated and in ways that I would never have imagined and in a million years, I could not have guessed that I would [...]

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