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Amazing Yogurt Cream Cheesecake

  There are many ways to create recipes that are beneficial to the gut, without losing the joy of your favourite foods. If you love cheesecake, then you’ll love this recipe, made with yogurt [...]

Sourdough Spelt Crackers

  If you like a simple, plain cracker with just a hint of sweet, then this is the cracker for you. I like using different whole flours and mixing them. Feel free to do the [...]

Pumpkin Apple Crisp

  What's a person to do? It’s autumn and both apples and pumpkin are in season. Which do you choose to make a treat?  I know... use both. If you can picture the taste of [...]

This May Not Be A Perfect Garden

  This may not be a perfect garden. But it’s my garden and that’s all that matters. There is not enough time to describe all the positive studies for spending time in nature.  I'd rather [...]

Sourdough Pasta: How and Why?

  If you're interested in good gut information, then you'll want to watch  the techniques I show for making sourdough pasta. Discover the taste difference partially fermented pasta can offer.  There are some very beneficial [...]