Music, Vacuum Cleaners and Bacteria

Last night I was looking for information about frequencies and gut bacteria. I have become interested in the use of frequency for healing purposes. There is quite a bit of research going on right now and it could be a medical treatment of the future. Music therapy is the most well-known example of using frequency [...]

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Keep This Handy: Antibiotics with Probiotics.

Are you still wondering if it is a good idea to take probiotics with antibiotics? If you are a practitioner, maybe this is what you are recommending to your clients? There is often some pushback, when mentioned to MDs - not all - but there are quite a few still discouraging this practice. The old [...]

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How Mean Can You Be To Your Kefir Grains?

They say one of the keys to having healthy kefir grains is to make sure you do not starve them. In the case of milk kefir grains, this means feeding them milk or in the case of coconut kefir, feeding them something like dates, because they need carbohydrates. If we are talking about water kefir [...]

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A Further Thought On Glyphosate

Last week I sent out some information regarding glyphosate residues on both conventional and organic wines and the potential health issue with glyphosate (Round-Up).    I discussed the excess use of glyphosate (an herbicides to kill weeds and plants) sprayed on GMO- corn, soy and canola because they have been genetically modified to withstand glyphosate) What I [...]

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Three Things I Learned This Week

There is always something new to learn and sometimes it is good news and sometime it isn’t. I will start with the bad news: Glyphosate Found in California Wines Including Organic  10 wines were tested, both conventional and organic. While the conventional wines had 28 times higher the levels than the organic wine, glyphosate was [...]

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Is Your Gut Causing Thyroid Issues?

I am often asked about the connection between the gut and the thyroid. Thyroid issues seem to be more common these days and even if people cannot get a definitive diagnosis from an MD, they often still present with the symptoms. Could gut health be the cause? It is so frustrating when you just do not [...]

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