Three Things I Learned This Week

There is always something new to learn and sometimes it is good news and sometime it isn’t. I will start with the bad news: Glyphosate Found in California Wines Including Organic  10 wines were tested, both conventional and organic. While the conventional wines had 28 times higher the levels than the organic wine, glyphosate was [...]

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Is Your Gut Causing Thyroid Issues?

I am often asked about the connection between the gut and the thyroid. Thyroid issues seem to be more common these days and even if people cannot get a definitive diagnosis from an MD, they often still present with the symptoms. Could gut health be the cause? It is so frustrating when you just do not [...]

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Motto For 2017 – No Assumptions

Never assume you know what is happening because as soon as you do, some new information will come to light that changes what you know. The news this week is that we have a new organ in our body. Now despite what you may think about conventional or alternative medicine, I think most of us [...]

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The Real “Healthy” Holidays

  What do I like best about the holidays? It is the time off. I love the idea that things slow down and everyone is making plans that do not revolve around work or school (unless you work in retail). Now that may not be your experience if the requirements from family and friends keeps [...]

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What’s All The Fuss About Bone Broth?

Unless you have been lost in the jungle or hiding in the arctic tundra with no access to civilization, you have probably heard that bone broth is good for you. How good for you? Well that is up for debate. There are people out there who are touting it as the best thing since the [...]

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Let’s Preserve Our Access To Supplements

I am not an alarmist or an extremist but when a member of the Healthy Gut community (thank you, Pamela) posted this petition, I felt compelled to spread the word. If you care about your access to supplements and the freedom of choice, please read this, forward it to friends and family and most importantly, [...]

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Broccoli: Raw or Cooked?

I love broccoli. My mother ate a ton of it while pregnant with all three kids and we were all born loving broccoli. My father? Not so much – call it too much of a good thing. If I have done one thing right in my life, it was eating broccoli. This was a good [...]

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