Paleo Ancestors Did Eat Grains and Legumes

Here is a great video from archeologist Christina Warinner with an intelligent look at the Paleo diet. It is unfortunate that this type of presentation will never be seen or heard by those who need to hear it. Now I am not against the Paleo diet per say. There are many good foods on it [...]

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Weight Loss Is Not Everything

It has been a long two and half months since my accident and while I am mostly healed, I feel it has really thrown me off my normal routine, which means sharing less information with you. I am not sure why this is the case but I am starting to get my writing mojo back. [...]

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Are You Afraid Stress Is Taking Its Toll?

It has been several weeks since I wrote a blog post and I have been asking myself why? I like to write. It is one of my favourite things to do.  But it is also, too much of the time, optional. At the least the kind of writing I like to do is optional, meaning [...]

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Diversify – The Key To A Healthy Gut Portfolio

Do you think it is possible that some day, instead of a blood test, your doctor will order a poop test in order to prescribe nutritional dietary changes to correct a health issue? This is the direction we are headed, according to researchers and it will herald a new era of personalized medicine. However, we [...]

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Enemas, Colonics and Gut Bacteria

I know people who swear by coffee enemas for detoxing. I know others who think colonics are the way to solve constipation (they are wrong). And if you were to go for a colonoscopy, you would be expected to take a powerful laxative and possibly an enema. Have you ever wondered what happens to your [...]

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