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Sweet Potato White Potato Salad with Avocado Mayo

  There are many ways to take old favourites and make them better for your needs today. Growing up, potato salad was something we only had in the summer. And I’m not talking about the one from KFC or any other store-bought version. The potato salad of my childhood memories was made from scratch, usually [...]

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Sourdough Tortellini with Mushroom and Asparagus

  As a child, homemade pasta was a weekly occurrence in my house. I loved to help my mother put the pasta through what we called “the spaghetti machine”. We made the pasta with eggs and all-purpose flour. A certain amount of strength is required to make the dough right. Neither my mother or I [...]

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Grilled Salmon With Orange Mint Salsa

  I’m always surprised how well sauerkraut fits in a recipe. For something that has such a strong taste and smell, it always seems to easily mix with the ingredients and enhance the flavour. Adding it to the orange mint salsa makes it good for the gut by providing probiotics to go with the prebiotics [...]

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Italian Hazelnut or Black Sesame Seed Cookies

  Sometimes a cookie just needs to be a cookie. Simple, not too sweet with a nice little crunch. Here are two versions of the same cookie, one using hazelnuts for one and black sesame seeds for the other. I could tell you that hazelnuts and black sesame seeds are good for you. But I [...]

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2 Versions of Kimchi

  There's no one way to make kimchi. Every family, that has a tradition of making kimchi, would make a version that was unique. Below is one version for what we might call a typical kimchi and then below, one using broccoli and sweet peppers.  Why would you want to do it differently? To suite [...]

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Fermented Cashew Artichoke Dip

This is a great dip raw but can also be baked if desired. Fermenting the cashews add beneficial bacteria, which will be lost if baked. However, there are still benefits from fermenting first. The phytonutrients will become more bioavailable and the nuts will be more digestible. There is some evidence that some strains of bacteria [...]

By | February 24th, 2020|Recipes|1 Comment

Fermenting Watermelon Rinds?

Why? Why not. I’m not saying this is something I do or will do again. But there’s prebiotic value in the rind. So, we can and perhaps we should. And I did. Check out the video to see what happened. Recipe This recipe has gut health benefits with or without the watermelon rind because carrots, [...]

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