We are all going through a lot right now. Keeping ourselves strong, both physically and emotionally, is a conversation we should’ve been having for the last three months. Join Lorene Sauro, RHN and Glenda Britton, RHN as they discuss strategies for adding beneficial foods into our lives in simple ways and please everyone in the household.

Glenda will be sharing her experience of ‘lock down’ during the Covid 19 outbreak where she cooked for 6 adults who had 3 different diets.
She’ll explain how her goal was to not only feed everyone food to support their health, but to serve a delicious meal to make them happy during this difficult time.

There have been some special gifts that occurred during this time and people need to see them and embrace  them as they deal with what they can’t control.  But there are things we can do for ourselves right now to help our bodies and out minds.

About Glenda: 

Glenda became a holistic nutritionist as a result of her own lived experience. After being diagnosed and treated for years for multiple conditions including heart disease, hypothyroidism, IBS…, Glenda decided to experiment with food. Lucky for her it worked because at the time she didn’t have any particular guidance to follow. She had to know why food was so effective when the medication and buckets of supplements only help marginally, so she returned to school to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

After graduating, Glenda decided to specialize in the field of mental health. She’s been the nutritionist at the START Clinic for Mood & Anxiety Disorders in downtown Toronto for over 5 years now. She also works with very complicated cases in her private practice, supporting and educating individuals who feel as though they’ve TRIED EVERYTHING… and are ready to make nutrition their medicine of choice.

Not only has Glenda helped countless individuals to reach their health goals, but she’s happy to say that she feels healthier and more energetic now than she did 20 years ago!

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Glenda has teamed up with Michele Welch, Smooth Rock Meditation Project to deliver workshops and online programs.

Check out their YouTube channel here.

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