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Meet Media Nutritionist, Lorene Sauro

Hi there. I’m Lorene and like you, I live a hectic life, tending to my family, friends, career, and my three cats.

I understand, all too clearly, what it is like to add health issues to the list and try to cope with it all.

For me, it was my struggles with endometriosis, early arthritis and cancer that nearly did me in and it was this struggle that took me on my journey to learn more about health and how the body functions.

I really could not believe that this was my body doing this to me and yet, no doctor or other practitioner had any proper explanation or solution for me other than drugs and surgery.

“Lorene has the sweetest, most sumptuous, and healthiest book on desserts and baking. Learning the basics of baking with natural whole grains and sweeteners from the master will benefit every reader.”

Elson Haas, MD

“Love Lorene’s recipes! Many of them, such as the savory muffins, fermented cashew dip, or beet kvass became staples in the meal plans I recommend to my clients. And they became staples in my clients’ families as well.” 

Mirela Cojoaca, RHN

Lorene’s smoothie recipe, with the unexpected addition of sauerkraut, has become a staple in my kitchen. Lorene’s knack for crafting imaginative recipes that seamlessly integrate nutrient-dense foods have me and my clients making her recipes over and over again.”

Caryl Ayearst, RHN