Fat has had a bumpy ride when it comes to trying to find its place in a healthy diet. It’s not just because of questionable research. Food and, as a result, fat have become political footballs and many people are confused. Join Peg McPhedren, RHN, CNE and Lorene Sauro, RHN as they share the history and reality about fat. Learn why fat is essential to being healthy. And watch the demonstration of recipes perfect for this time of year.


Peach, Tomato and Sauerkraut Salsa

Paleo Burger – Oven Baked

Chocolate Coconut Snack Bites

Sweet Potato, White Potato Salad with Avocado Mayo


Peg McPhedran is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and Culinary Nutrition Expert (CNE); and is a lifelong teacher and learner with a passion for sharing what she loves including food and nutrition, yoga, skiing, travel and other healthy activities that nourish mind, body and spirit.

As she gets older, she is finally willing to admit to being “A Woman of a Certain Age.”

And this admission means owning up to the fact that we can no longer get away with the unhealthy habits as we thought we could when we were younger: “cheating” on diets with junk food and favourite wines; not always exercising as much as advised; staying up late; etc.

As we age, decades of poor treatment are catching up: less energy, “brain fog,” aches and pains … Peg has been on a search for a while now to understand how to age with radiance, resilience and vitality; how to roll back the clock; how to bolster memory; and how to continue to enjoy the many physical activities that require energy and stamina (skiing, hiking, and yes even golf! to name a few).

This is a two-fold search—education and continuous research into the latest scientific understanding of what is healthiest for the human body plus experimenting to see what works for both herself and her clients—because while there are many common threads, our bodies are all unique.

And as a life-long teacher, Peg offers what she has learned to you through her program “Peg’s Lifestyle Reset” to support and empower you in creating your path to a healthy, fulfilling, and purposeful life.