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This is literally the BEST done for you program I’ve seen. It’s so professional. I was so nervous to bite the bullet as I’ve been disappointed in others. This is excellent.  I’d buy more of your programs anytime. Thank you for sharing your gift!! ~  Vickie Dickson, RHN

“Lorene Sauro has changed my life in a wonderful way. As a new RHN, I was feeling that my knowledge base was too vague leaving me feeling lost as a practitioner. I now feel that I have the right tools to successfully work on the health and wellbeing of clients and of myself with a deeper understanding of the how the body really works. I have always been passionate about food, so learning so much more from Lorene was like reading a really good book – I couldn’t wait to hear what was next! Thank you Lorene!”  ~ Marie McBeath, RHN

“I started my nutrition practice just over two years ago and I’m always busy with work; Lorene has been instrumental in any success I’ve had, not just in my nutrition career, but in my health. She has some key qualities that make her an amazing mentor and teacher: she has a solid knowledge base and researches extensively so the information you get from her is reliable, she is passionate and charismatic which makes her captivating to listen to, she is caring and non -judgmental which makes you feel safe and supported.”   ~ Janet Marreck, CNP