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The following menu plan has been designed to maximize the benefits of fermented foods and prebiotics foods on a daily basis. The shopping list for each week includes all the ingredients for all the menu items. This could be a costly so it is recommended that you start one recipes at a time and learn what you like. Add one new recipes a day and gradually you will get the idea as to how to work fermented  and prebiotics foods to your daily diet.

The menu plan also included options for different diet style. The main menu is for non-vegetarians who eat grains and dairy. However, all recipes include options for dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and paleo to make it adaptable to any dietary style.  It is designed for people who are already eating the particular diet style.

Week 4 is a special menu plan that features foods that can be bought for those who do not cook or may need options for when they are busy.also has vegetarian/vegan and paleo options as well as dairy-free and gluten-free


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
        Week 1      
Breakfast Poached eggs on sourdough toast or paleo bread,* orange Granola Yogurt Parfait*  Breakfast Kefir Smoothie* Baked Egg Frittata*, Roasted Potatoes* Peanut Butter Smoothie* Steel cut oats,with straberries, milk of choice, cinnamon and maple syrup Sourdough Pancakes* with maple syrup
Lunch Salmon Wrap* Leftover Tomato Chicken  Putenesca Mixed Green Salad* with grilled chicken pieces and/or chickpeas Leftover Sweet Potato andLentil Stew* Veggie or Beef Burger with whole grain bun  or wrapped in lettuce with kimchi Mixed Green Salad with sandwich or toast Leftover Roasted Vegetable Salad* with baked salmon
Dinner Tomato Chicken Putenesca*, Mixed Green Salad*  Halibut with Vegetables* Sweet Potato and Lentil Stew* Thai Beef with Stir Fry Veggies* Chicken in Miso Marinade Roasted Vegetable Salad* with Marniated Grilled Chicken  Pasta Fagioli with Turkey Sausage*
Snacks Options Blueberries with yogurt, Cashews Natural, baked corn tortilla chips or raw veggies  with Fermented Salsa* Homemade popcorn with butter or coconut oil and ses salt, apple Coconut Almond Cookies*, Banana Trail mix, Mixed berries with yogurt Kombucha Apple Smoothie*, Almonds Vegetables with Apple Sauerkraut Yogurt Dip, Grapes

*Recipes can be found by clicking the link below: Recipes for Week 1

Week 1 Menu Plan

Week 1 Shopping List

Recipes For Week 1


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
        Week 2      
Breakfast Whole grain or nut muffin and Orange Sauerkraut Smoothie  Kefir or coconut kefir with berries, whole grain crackers or seed crackers Scrambled eggs,  sourdough or paleo toast with raw honey and cinnamon Chocolate Pecan Overnight Muesli Hummus mixed with 1/4 cup sauerkraut with Toast, Orange Chocolate Kefir Protein Smoothie  French Toast* with blueberries and maple syrup
Lunch Mixed Green Salad* with Bagel and Yogurt Cream Cheese Egg Salad Wrap or Sandwich* with 1/4 cup kimchi  Shrimp and Avocado Salad* with 1/4 cup sauerkraut Leftover Broccoli Spinach Soup with Toast Leftover Beef and Sweet Potato Chili Leftover Turmeric Honey Chicken with Brown Rice Tomato, cheese, lettuce sourdough sandwich (or paleo bread) with mustard, and sauerkraut 
Dinner  Rosemary Chicken with Mushrooms,* steamed veggies with olive oli and lemon juice Tuna Patties* with Mixed Green Salad* Baked turkey sausage, with baked potato topped with yogurt and chive, Broccoli Spinach Soup* Beef and Sweet Potato Chili*, top with 1/4 sauerkraut Turmeric Honey Chicken with Brown Rice Baked Salmon with Quinoa Almond Salad, 1/4 cup kimchi Chicken Quesadillas* with Mixed Green Salad*
Snacks Options Strawberries with yogurt, Cashews Hummus with Veggies, Kombucha Whole grain or seed crackers with baba ganoush, Pear Kombucha, Apple Chocolate Chip Cookies*, Banana Fresh Pineapple, Trail mix Veggies with Guacamole, Mango

*Recipes can be found by clicking the link below: Recipes for Week 2

Week 2 Menu Plan

Week 2 Shopping List

Recipes For Week 2


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
        Week 3
Breakfast Pineapple Sauerkraut Banana Smoothie* Steel Cut Oats with pistachios, peaches and milk of choice, maple syrup Tomato Basil Omelette* or Vegan Omelette* with kimchi, 1/2 grapefruit, toast of choice Sauerkraut  Green Smoothie* Bacon and Eggs with Toast or Veggie Bacon with Tempeh Scrambled Eggs*  Waffles* with fresh fruit and maple syrup Breakfast Burritos*
Lunch Turnip and Celery Soup* with Homemade Croutons* or Roasted Potatoes* Roast Chicken and Cucumber Sandwich* with a side of sauerkraut Grilled chicken, Kale Salad* Nut Butter and Honey Sandwich with whole grain,  sourdough bread or paleo bread. Left over Kimchi Fried Rice* Leftover Stuffed Peppers* Salmon Sandwich* with sauerkraut
Dinner Roast Chicken with Baked Potato* or Sweet Potato*  and Steamed  Veggies* Tacos* with Fermented Salsa* White Bean and Turkey Chili* and Mixed Green Salad* Herb Baked White Fish* with Kimchi Fried Rice* Stufferd Peppers*, Mixed Green Salad* Salmon with Miso Glaze*, Steamed Veggies* Chicken Carrot Ginger Soup* with Baked Potato*
Snacks Options Corn chips and Guacamole. Cashews Apple Slices with cinnamon and sucanat. Kombcuha Cashew Butter Cookies*, Pear Hummus With Veggies, Berries Crackers and veggies with Yogurt  Spinach Dip*, Pear Apple and Date Crisp*,  Cultured vegetables Trail mix, Mango and Pineapple slices

*Recipes can be found by clicking the link below: Recipes for Week 3

Week 3 Menu Plan

Week 3 Shopping List

Recipes for Week 3

Week 4

This menu plan is unique in that it is planned so that there is no cooking except for boiling a couple of eggs and make a couple of smoothies. The purpose of this is to provide ideas for when you are busy and do not have time to cook and can help you by showing where you can by good options and of course, the fermented foods are added. it is also designed that, if you do not have time to make your fermented foods, the options here can all be purchased. All the suggestions for purchasing the menu items can be found in the shopping list below the list in alphabetical order.

Again, there are vegetarian/vegan and paleo options and for gluten free – just pick the gluten free version and for dairy free, pick the dairy-free option.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
        Week 4
Breakfast Brown Rice Crispies with milk choice, banana and maple syrup, Paleo: Chia Pudding* Morning Berry Smoothie* Boiled eggs, Yogurt or coconut yogurt and berries Breafast Blast Smoothie* Granola with yogurt, or coconut yogurt or kefir and pineapple. Paleo: use chopped nuts, coconut and dried fruits instead of granola Whole grain walffles, with berries, yogurt or coconut yogurt and maple syrup Paleo: 1/2 cup nuts instead of waffle Natural whole grain corn or kamut flakes, milk of choice, blurberries, honey,  Paleo: Chia Pudding*
Lunch Lenitil Soup topped with sauerkraut and Green Salad Bagel with cream cheese and kimchi: Vegan: Hummus Paleo: Leftover roast chicken and veggie in lettuce leaves. Leftover Greek Salad in a wrap with Sausage, Vegeterian: Add aduki beans or bean of choice  Nut butter and honey and sandwichl Paleo: Nut butter and honey on apple slices Tomato soup with kimchi, Quinoa salad  Tuna salad sandwich. Paleo: Use lettuce leaves, Vegetatian: Tofurkey slices, sauerkraut Leftover Roast Chicken Sandwich, Paleo: Use lettuce leaves, Vegetarian: Use hummus and veggies. Tabouleh
Dinner Roast chicken. Rice with mixed vegeies and tzatziki dip or yogurt or coconut yogurt vegetarian: Use Chickpeas. Paleo: Skip rice , more veggies Sausage with roasted potato and veggies, Greek salad Vegetarian: Tempeh sausage patties Baked white fish or tofu, roasted vegetables Pad Thai, with veggies and kimchi Hamburger or Veggie burger, green salad Paleo: Add sweet potaotes to replace bun Roast chicken pieces, Falafel, whole grain pite with veggies, Tabouleh salad Paleo: Use lettuce elaves instead of pita Salmon filet, quinoa salad, sauerkraut. Vegetarian: Tofu wedges
Snacks Options Veggies with hummus , Berries Whole Grain or Seed Crackers  with Olive Tapenade, Banana Corn Chips or Seed Crackers and Guacamole, Apple Trail Mix, Mango Baba Ganouche and whole grain or seed crackers Apple slices with raw milk aged cheedar cheese or cheese alternative, cashews, grapes Whole grain muffin or nut flour muffin, Orange

* Recipes for the smoothies can be found by clicking the link below: Recipes for Week 4

Prepare food suggestions, inclduing whre to buy them can be found in the shopping list for Week 4

Week 4 Menu Plan

Week 4 Shopping List

Recipes for Week 4