Course Table of Contents

CEUs: 55 Minutes


The History and Health Benefits of Kombucha


Tips For Making Kombucha


Bacteria and Yeast Strains in Kombucha




Recipe For Kombucha Apple Smoothie


Recipe for Kombucha Salad Dressing


One Day Menu Plan For Kombucha


Shopping List For Menu Plan

Recipe For Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup

Recipe For Orange Date Muffins

Recipe For Roast Chicken With Baked Potato and Vegetables

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1.    Which of the following true about kombucha?
    a)    It is the only true fermented beverage
    b)    It only contains lactobacillus strains
    c)    It Is anti-microbial
    d)    It originated in Russia

2.    Many of the health benefits for kombucha
    a)    Are not proven
    b)    Are based on the tea polyphenols
    c)    Includes more ability to make vitamins than other fermented foods
    d)    None of the above

3.    Kombucha
    a)    Can help stabilize blood sugar
    b)    Produces succinic and acetic acid
    c)    Is a source of gluconic aicd that aids the liver
    d)    None of the above
    e)    All of the above

4.    Kombucha is made with
    a)    An anaerobic process
    b)    Using herbal teas or Earl Grey
    c)    Using black, oolong or green tea
    d)    With honey or sugar

5.    Kombucha requires
    a)    A temperature of 85-95 degrees to ferment properly
    b)    Must be made with some existing kombucha or apple cider vinegar
    c)    Has a ph of 4
    d)    None of the above

6.    Once the kombucha is made
    a)    The scoby should be removed and stored in the freezer
    b)    A second ferment can be done to flavour it
    c)    The kombucha should be consumed within 7 days
    d)    All of the above