Prepared by Sherry Mowbry, RHN

This is the diet plan that most of you will be the most familiar with and has the most options for fermented and prebiotic foods. Unless someone is either gluten free and/or dairy free, then there are many options. Although the menu plan was not done for the gluten are dairy free – most of the recipes are. There rest just requires a simple substitution for your favourite gluten free or dairy free option. If a client is dairy free, then they will not have the benefit of the milk kefir and you could encourage them to do coconut milk kefir (and they can learn to make it). Unfortunately, if a client is gluten-free, they will not be able to do sourdough although. There have been some attempts to do gluten free sourdough but they are often small and quite sour.          

Week 1

Week One Menu Plan

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 Week 2

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Week 3

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Week 4

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