Prepared by Silvia Rocca, RHN

This menu plan has been designed for clients who choose to be vegan. Most fermented foods are allowed on a vegan diet except cows milk kefir and yogurt. Coconut milk yogurt is an option and encouraging them to make their own coconut milk kefir is recommended. Just remember to let clients know that if using kefir grains in coconut mil, they need to be returned back to cow or goat milk after three batches of coconut milk kefir. However, some vegans may have an issue with the need to return the kefir grains back to cow or goat milk. Some will and some won’t. The menu plan has had fermented foods added and is full of plant based prebiotics. If you feel the client needs more resistant starch, then add more grains, non-GMO cornĀ and potatoes to this menu plan.

Vegan Menu Plan

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