Prepared By Rita Thadani, RHN

The vegetarian diet is very suitable for gut health as the inclusion of dairy allows for milk kefir, aged cheeses and yogurt along with all the plant-based fermented foods. It also contains a lot of prebiotics foods. The menu plans here have recipes saved as a PDFs instead of word documents but they copy and pasted easily into a word document so changes can be made. The 4 week menu plans are all in one file saved as a word document so changes can be made easily. there are some recommended products, representing some of the suggested menu items, listed at the end of the 4 weeks that can be purchased to save the clients time.

An menu items that you do not find recipes for, such as vegetarian lasagna, it is because these are available to purchase at health food and grocery stores.

28 Day Vegetarian Menu Plan

Week 1

Week One Recipes

Week One Shopping List

Week 2

Week Two Recipes

Week Two Shopping List

Week 3

Week Three Recipes

Week Three Shopping List

Week 4

Week Four Recipes

Week Four Shopping List