You have not landed on the wrong page.

Can such a plain page really be the description for the Amplify The Experience program?


There isn’t a fancy page because this isn’t a fancy program

It’s just a real program.

It’s you, me and fellow members working together to help each other.

If you watch the webinar: Creating Protocols and Programs That Motivate Clients For Success, then you know how important it is that clients experience their learning.

Too often clients get derailed – they are overwhelmed with too much information and can’t make the decisions they need to solve their health issues.

It doesn’t matter how hard you try to not overwhelm them – information overload is everywhere 

When clients experience the changes, they experience the success. And success leads to more success – motivating them to continue.

When they meet their goals they become your raving fans and your best marketing tool to grow you business

So what does this have to do with the Amplify The Experience?

Well in order to have clients experience their program and protocol – you have to build experiential elements into your programs and protocols. You have to create interactive elements so clients are tuned in the tasks and feel the experience.

The Learning Cycle: Action – Experience – Reflection – Insight – More Action…

And the cycle repeats

This is the path clients must take.

In the program, we will be going through your programs and protocols and helping you develop the experiential elements you need – to help you succeed. No cookie cutter solution – each of us will need different elements.

We will discuss it all.

Plus there’s more…

  • Discussion of energy the seven levels of energy – what does this mean for you as a practitioner and for your client
  • Psychological insights – Learn to understand what emotional blocks could be affecting your clients
  • Clearing your energy environment and preventing client energy from draining you 
  • Business elements that may help you  get focus and clarity as to what you can add to your programs to increase the experience
  • Tons of experiential elements you can add to your programs and protocol – we will design them together so they fit your business and your client type.
  • Amplify The Experience is a combination of recorded material, exercises and live meetings (online so we can speak to each other and discuss)

And It’s FREE for anyone who purchases 1, 2, or all three of the following programs:

Healthy Hormone Done-For-You Program: Click here to learn more

Healthy Hormone Membership Program: Click here to learn more

Simply Fermentation Online Workshop For Practitioners: Click here to learn more

Sign up before by December 1st

Program starts December 4th

Join us for a unique experience to change you clients live and increase the value of their experience. Turn clients into raving fans and let them spread the word. It’s the best way to grow your business!