Growing a business is easier when you have more services to offer. And it has to fit what you do and provide value to clients.

But you’re only one person. It can be overwhelming trying to do it all, in order to have a business and help your clients at the same time.

Offering simple things that clients can adapt into their lives, earns their appreciation and simplifies things for you.

You may think fermenting foods are difficult but it’s not. 

Maybe you know how easy it is to ferment and want clients to understand the benefits of these amazing foods, based on research.

And I know you’d like another service to offer new and existing clients to help grow your business.

So, I’ve created the Simply Fermentation Online Workshop For Practitioners.

And you can learn all about it here

This program is designed to teach you all the best practices of fermentation including health and food safety rules, perfect for practitioners to teach clients in one-on-one sessions and host workshops. 

It includes:

  • 30+ videos for all your favourite fermented foods with step-by-step instructions

  • How to use fermented foods in recipes and meals

  • How to organize and cost a fermentation workshop including handouts you can customize as you own

  • Delicious recipes to help inspire clients to make changes

  • Plus the research and history that demonstrates the value of fermentation

It’s an exciting time to be a wellness practitioner. People are looking for options to improve their health.

Be the teacher and practitioner they need by offering them more options.

As a holistic nutritionist and food professional, I’ve been hosting fermentation workshops for years, including online.

Yes, there are no limitations. It’s easy to teach people to ferment in their own homes, one-on-one or as a group in an online workshop or an offline workshop, if desired.

Technology is a wonderful thing.

Learn how to teach your clients this skill. It gives you another option to earn money and grow your business.