One of the best ways to enjoy cocoa is to go outside into the cold and feel the chill. Being cold makes warm beverages taste even better. So, for me, anyway, the 7 Days of Cocoa includes a walk outside, first. Then make cocoa.

Todays’ cocoa is the basic cocoa with a fruit powder added. I chose maqui berry because it is weird and hard to find. It also turns thing purple except when you add it to cocoa. You can see a bit of purple tone to the brown but that’s it.

Feel free can choose something more assessable and normal like blueberry. Just make sure its a pure fruit powder with nothing else added.

In this case, maqui berry contains prebiotic polyphenols – meaning the berry helps feed good gut bacteria. Plus as a berry is a source of soluble fiber which is also prebiotic.

Add these benefits to the other good gut health ingredients in the basic recipe for cocoa which are detailed here on Day 1 

Here is the recipe

1 cup milk of choice – I use organic, full-fat milk but you could also use coconut milk – the kind that contains fat is best for the gut.
1 tbsp raw cocoa powder (or cocoa of choice)
1 1/2 tbsp maple syrup

Plus 1/2 tbsp fruit powder (like maqui berry, blueberry, acai,)

Place in the ingredients into a small pot. Place on the stove on medium-high heat. Stir with a whisk and bring to boil. Be careful as it can boil over. Pour into a mug. Serve 

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