Do your friends and family make fun of you or just ignore your “eccentricities” because you choose to eat a certain way or take supplements to help yourself ? Or do anything to help yourself that flies in the face of the conventional perspective?
Are you the dancing guy?
Dancing GuyHave you seen this video? One guy starts dancing by himself. As he moves freely to the sound of his own beat, he is the crazy one, the eccentric one, just doing what he feels while everyone else just stares at him. 
But when the second guy starts dancing, too – he looks less crazy and when more and more people join in, he goes from being the crazy guy to part of a movement.
The key is the second guy – he is the one who transforms the idea of the dancing guy into a movement.
Right now in your social circle, you may be the dancing guy – the crazy one doing your health thing all by yourself. But sooner or later you will have a success as you pursue the goal of better health. You will resolved an issue or you will just look better as you age and everyone one will want to know what you are doing. 
When this happens there will be a “second guy” who joins you and then a movement will begin within your own social circle and you will all be dancing together
But take heart, you may be the crazy one in your circle but you are not the crazy one in my circle. My circle is full of people just like you and together we are creating a movement to help people get better results for their health issues. 
We do this by spreading and sharing information. Some of it falls right in line with the research of the conventional world. And some of it is clearly from the alternative side of the coin and requires a leap pf faith but it certainly worth trying.
It does not matter what works as long as you progress. I have seen this in my own life. I am thankful I took the chance to learn more to help me solve my own issues. I have seen it with hundreds of clients and finally, even my own friends and family – I am not the weirdo anymore.
It is why I do what I do, from teaching at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to offering the Jump Start Digestion Program  and the Simply Fermentation Workshop, both online programs because I want to dance with the all the people and reach as many people as I can in the hope that my information will help them.
So what about you? Are you dancing alone? If you are, hang in there – there are others who would like to dance with you and I would be one of them. Have a great day!