12 squares or 16 balls

1/4 cup butter or coconut oil

1/2 cup sucanat

1/2 cup maple syrup

1 cup dates, chopped into very small pieces

1 cup walnuts or pecans, chopped

2 eggs

1/2 tsp vanilla

3/4 cup spelt flour or gluten-free option*

1 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp sea salt

Cream butter and sucanat together in a mixer until well blended. Add maple syrup, dates, walnuts or pecans, eggs and vanilla. Mix well. Combine spelt flour, baking powder and sea salt and add to the wet ingredients. Mix all together. Pour into a prepared 8″ x 8″ pan (grease and/or lined with parchment). Bake at 325 degrees F for 30–35 minutes. Cool. Cut into 12 pieces and serve, or cut into 16 squares and roll the squares into a ball. Sprinkle with powdered organic sugar or sucanat (grind in a coffee grinder). Serve or store in an airtight container.

Variation: Add a 1/4 cup dried fruit such as mulberries, blueberries or dried cherries.

To roll the chews: Cut the square into 16 pieces instead of 12. It is easiest to roll them if any remaining hard outer edges are trimmed off first. Press each square between your palms and roll into a ball. Roll in the powdered sugar or ground sucanat and place on a plate. Serve or store in an airtight container.

For Gluten-Free: Use 1/2 cup white rice flour mixed with 1/4 cup brown rice flour.