A Pastry Queen Goes GreenEveryone has a sweet tooth but sometimes the foods we love do not love us back. A Pastry Goes Green offers both experienced and novice bakers, the steps and tips to create delicious muffins, cookies cakes, bread and pies with better quality, healthier ingredients that deliver more nutrients as well as wonderful flavors and textures. How great would that be? To be able to enjoy treats knowing they are delivering plenty of nutrients and sustainable energy. A Pastry Queen Goes Green offers this and more…

• A complete guide to using whole grains, including gluten-free, with all the instructions to create perfect textures and tastes.

• A complete guide to using low-glycemic whole sweeteners like pure honey and maple syrup, sucanat, rapidura, coconut sweetener and more, with all the instructions for getting the best results.

• Over 200 tested recipes including all the basics such as Banana Cream Pie, My Favorite Chocolate Cake, Crème Brûlée, homemade ice cream and pretzels. It also has unique recipes like Chocolate Almond Bean Cake, Hummus Bread and Maple Brown Rice Crispies – all amazingly delicious.

• Tips about special ingredients to bake with such as acai powder, chia, and coconut flour as well as the health benefits of many popular ingredients like chocolate, blueberries and apples.

• Each chapter has special instructions for baking the recipes that are in the section. • Also includes an equipment guide and an illustration section for learning various baking techniques.

• Dairy-free and egg-free substitution information is available for all recipes plus a gluten-free chapter.

• It is a great resource that can be used over and over again with answers to so many tricky baking issues as well as providing simple-recipes that are fool-proof. With all the baking tips and suggestions, readers have the ability to adapt their favourite recipes to include healthier ingredients and still have the flavors and textures they love.

Substitute some of the white flour or all of the white flour or some of the white sugar or all of it – the instructions are there so the reader can decide. A Pastry Queen Goes Green gives readers the power to make their choices and get the most from their baked goodies. The perfect book to provide treats for the kids or on- the -run snacks for busy adults or to create signature specialty desserts for special occasions. A Pastry Queen Goes Green provides a truly enjoyable adventure in baking.

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“Lorene Sauro has the sweetest, most sumptuous and healthiest book on desserts and baked goods. I could smell the cookies baking just turning the pages. Learning the basics of baking, dessert making and natural whole grains and sweeteners from the master will be a benefit to every reader’s diet.”

– Elson M. Haas, MD, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Author of Staying Healthy With Nutrition

This book is a treasure of knowledgeable, common sense advice, guaranteed to give back the pleasure of baking to those who may have been discouraged by negative propaganda regarding this healthy and delicious art. Baking is indeed an art, and Lorene Sauro, RHN,  turns out to be a great artist

– Danielle Perrault, Founder of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition