Welcome to your SFP Kimchi Quiz

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1.    Which of the following is true:
    a)    Kimchi dates back to 600 BC
    b)    Kimchi originates from Japan and Korea
    c)    Kimchi was once made with just radishes
    d)    None of the above is true

2.    A health benefit for Kimchi is:
    a)    Aids brain health and may help prevent dementia
    b)    Slows the digestion process
    c)    Slows an overactive metabolism
    d)    Improved skin issues and bone health

3.    Blond kimchi is made:
    a)    Without carrots or any dark vegetables
    b)    With ginger and no garlic
    c)    Without red pepper powder
    d)    With just daikon, ginger and cabbage

4.    Kimchi
    a)    Is always made with a brine
    b)    May contain fish sauce or dried fish
    c)    Is made aerobically
    d)    A and C are true
    e)    A and B are true

5.    Which of the following is true?
    a)    Traditionally, kimchi is added into cooked dishes
    b)    Can be added to hummus
    c)    Should not be consume daily
    d)    Should be eaten separately from a meal

6.    Kimchi:
    a)    Has 4 times the amount of lactobacillus as yogurt
    b)    Has more strains of bifido bacteria than other fermented foods
    c)    May cause constipation
    d)    None of the above
    e)    All of the above