Welcome to your SFP Sourdough Quiz

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1.    The truth about sourdough is that
    a)    It does not need to be “sour”
    b)    It was use by miners and pioneers to make biscuits
    c)    A good starter can last for decades
    d)    All of the above
    e)    None of the above

2.    During the fermentation process:
    a)    Vitamin C is produced
    b)    The gluten can only be partially broken down during fermentation
    c)    Butyrate can be produced
    d)    Does not have prebiotic properties

3.    One of the health benefits of sourdough is:
    a)    It speeds up gastric emptying
    b)    It stabilizes blood sugar when consumed and for the following meal
    c)    It increases phytic acid and oxalic acid
    d)    It lowers cholesterol and triglycerides

4.    Sourdough
    a)    Is fermented using wild yeasts and good bacteria
    b)    Requires a temperature of 95 degrees F
    c)    Is made by feeding the starter once and letting it ferment for a several days
    d)    All of the above

5.    Which of following is needed for making sourdough?
    a)    The right amount of time and temperature
    b)    A starter than has been bought
    c)    A starter donated to you from an existing starter
    d)    A cool room temperature

6.    Sour dough can be made with kefir because:
    a)    Sourdough can be made with any liquid
    b)    Kefir contains natural yeasts
    c)    It can’t be made with kefir unless there is a starter
    d)    None of the above