How to Make Feta Cheese

As you can see from the picture, while my feta cheese set up into curds, they are still not as dry as store-bought feta cheese. I have made it twice. The first time draining the curds using cheesecloth and the second time I used a coffee filter, which worked better.  I think when I do [...]

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Kombucha – Is It My Imagination?

Wednesday I drank a full bottle of kombucha. Now that may not seem earth shattering to most people, but I do not drink anything liquid except for water and some milk. I do no drink juice, I do not drink beer, I do not drink coffee or tea and an occasional glass of wine lasts [...]

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Brown Rice with Mango Black Bean Salad

This is a great combination of  fresh and cooked that creates a salad that can sustain energy for several hours. The brown rice, cooked properly is soft, fluffy and easy to digest. The fresh mango, cucumber and onions with the dressing aid digestion. of the beans and the rice. Be sure to cook the beans properly [...]

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Chocolate Pecan Baked Pudding

This is for the chocolate lovers. A quick and easy dessert, rich in powerful phytonutrients, with a dark chocolate-y taste, and a light texture. it is a perfect treat. Makes 6 servings Butter or coconut oil, room temperature, for baking dish 2/3 cup coconut sweetener or sucanat plus more for baking dish 6 large eggs, [...]

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