Scientists are genetically modifying lactobacillus and bifidus bacteria strains. Do we ever learn? Apparently not. And they are applying for patents on the strains.
Our relationship with our gut bacteria has evolved over millions of years. We still do not fully understand it. We haven’t even identified all the species of bacteria in our gut.
So why do scientists and their corporate sponsors think we have enough knowledge to tamper with bacteria? Bacteria mutates, it adapts and it affects everything around it – it is impossible to predict the consequences if we tamper with it.
And there is no way they can possibly get this right.
An article posted on the website of The Institute of Science in Society, calling for a ban on GM probiotics, has this to say:
“The prospect that genetic modification might “improve” probiotic microbes must be seriously balanced against the potential of turning harmless, beneficial microbes into dangerous pathogens (“No biosecurity without biosafety”, ISIS report 16 March 2005), particularly in the case of bacteria that naturally inhabit the human gut”
Just to be clear, there is no safety protocol for this in place or even an understanding of the short term or long term consequences
Probiotics have been shown to have benefits just as they are. There are numerous studies showing how they help control diarrhea, improve digestion and absorption, lower inflammation and even affect mood and memory and much more.
Our gut bacteria have been linked to playing a role in every function in our body. Lack of good bacteria has been linked to every health condition.
It is impossible to know how a strain like lactobacillus acidophilus which has so many functions, would be prevented from doing its full role because it has been genetically modified to only do a specific function.
One of the main reasons they are doing this is that probiotics strains do not colonize in us. They just pass through us but they do help us while they are there. They want to genetically modify the probiotics strains so they can colonize and remain inside of us and grow.
So think about this – if they do this and there is a flaw in the strain, then that strain and it flaws are now permanently in us – something that does not happen with a current probiotic strain.
We do not need this. With the research that is coming out, a pattern is clear. We are having gut health problems because we do not feed our good bacteria enough of the food it loves. We are too stressed, too clean and we take too many drugs (both recreational and medicinal) and alcohol and do not exercise enough or get enough fresh air.
We have lost touch with our own natural needs but thankfully, research is discovering what those are and are passing them along to us.
Milk Kefir in GlassSo what should we do? Take control of our gut health now. If we can fix our gut – then we do not need these, now do we?
• Eat prebiotic foods to feed out own gut bacteria (and lots of variety)
• Eat fermented foods and possibly take probiotics
• Spend time outside in the fresh air and in the forest, which is even better
• Don’t use antibacterial soaps or toxic cleaning products
• Pet your dogs and cats or any other pets you have
• Lower your stress and do moderate, regular exercise
These are just simple things we can do right now to start and but they add up and will reap huge benefits on many levels. Let’s do it now before they start tampering with how our gut functions by feeding us genetically modified bacteria – too scary to think about.
And finally, let’s spread the word with accurate information and get more people focusing on their gut.