Cool Avocado Soup With Cashews and Carrots

The soup you really want to try this summer. There are so many nutrient benefits. Each ingredient has a gut benefits and contains elements that are good for the skin. Avocados help protect against UV radiation. Onion, spinach, cilantro, cumin, lime juice and carrots contain phytonutrients that help protect the skin, and help with specific [...]

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Rhubarb Kimchi

This is another use for rhubarb. Believe it or not, it tastes like kimchi with hints of rhubarb. This is perfect adding on top of a soup once serve or using in a salad dressing.  It provides all the benefits of the beneficial bacteria from fermenting the mixture plus the ingredients are also prebiotic as [...]

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My 3-Recipe Gift For You

I love this time of year. It has a change of pace that feels good. I know many of you are going to be busy even if you’re not working. But it is my wish that you will find sometime for you and do some things you really want to do. I also hope you’ll [...]

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Do You Suffer From Anxiety?

I suffer from anxiety and have for several years. I know many others who do as well. I understand why I do. I understand the stress I am under and why I choose to continue to do the things that I do that cause the stress. But this does not seem to help me with [...]

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Genetically Modified Probiotics – How Scary Is This?

Scientists are genetically modifying lactobacillus and bifidus bacteria strains. Do we ever learn? Apparently not. And they are applying for patents on the strains. Our relationship with our gut bacteria has evolved over millions of years. We still do not fully understand it. We haven't even identified all the species of bacteria in our gut. So why [...]

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