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1.    Being “Acidic” means:

a)    A person is consuming too many acid foods
b)    A person is not consuming enough enzyme-rich food
c)    A person is not consuming enough minerals-rich foods
d)    None of the above

2.    Dairy, cabbage, wheat and garlic

a)    Are all used in fermented foods
b)    Are all prebiotic foods
c)    Are all sources of glutamine
d)    A and C are true
e)    A and B are true

3.    GOS, FOS and IMO

a)    Are all types of oligosaccharides
b)    Cause digestive upset for many people
c)    Are the only types of prebiotics
d)    Are all types of short chain fatty acids

4.    Isothiocyanates are found in

a)    Sauerkraut and kefir
b)    Kimchi and kombucha
c)    Kimchi and sauerkraut
d)    Kefir and kinchi

5.    Fermented foods are

a)    All acids
b)    Antimicrobial
c)    Contain lactic acid
d)    All of the above
e)    None of the above

6.    Kefir grains are:

a)    A symbiotic combination of yeasts and bacteria strains
b)    Contain bacteria strains that can survive by themselves
c)    Contain strains that need oxygen
d)    None of the above

7.    There most potent form of herbs and spices is

a)    Tincture
b)    Capsule
c)    Fresh
d)    Essential oil

8.    Glutamine

a)    Aids in the recovery from injury
b)    Acts as an anti-inflammatory in the gut
c)    Is the most prevalent amino acid in the body
d)    None of the above
e)    All of the above

9.    Which of the following statement are true:

a)    Carbohydrates feed the good bacteria
b)    Protein is essential for energy
c)    Fat is a quick burning form of energy
d)    Carbohydrates should be 20-30% of the diet

10.    Butyrate is helpful for:

a)    Helps with liver detoxification
b)    Acts as an anti-inflammatory for the colon
c)    May help with weight loss
d)    All of the above

11.    Which of the following statements are true:

a)    Stress causes blood sugar to swing up and down
b)    Only refined carbohydrates cause blood sugar to swing
c)    Fermented food increase blood sugar levels
d)    Headaches are not caused by blood sugar issues

12.    Which of the following contains 32 strains of good bacteria and yeast

a)    Kombucha
b)    Kimchi
c)    Water kefir
d)    Milk kefir

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