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1.    The function of T-reg cells is to:

a)    To attack and kill pathogens
b)    To help the immune system kill pathogens
c)    To regulate the function of other T-cells
d)    To regulate blood sugar

2.    Which of the following are associated with loss of immune tolerance

a)    Allergy
b)    Autoimmunity
c)    Infections
d)    A and C
e)    B and C

3.    Which of the following is true?

a)    Osteoporosis is primarily a disease due to lack of exercise
b)    Studies show that women with osteoporosis also have dysbiosis
c)    Bone loss in a genetic disease
d)    All of the above are true
e)    None of the above are true

4.    The connection of arthritis to the gut is as follows:

a)    Gut bacteria regulates inflammation in the body
b)    Inflammation is linked to cartilage destruction
c)    Bad bacteria depletes sulfur which is essential to maintaining cartilage
d)    All of the above are true
e)    None of the above are true

5.    Bad bacteria lowering endocrine and immune function is associated with:

a)    Fibromyalgia
b)    Osteoarthritis
c)    Obesity
d)    Osteoporosis

6.    Cholesterol

a)    Can help inhibit bad bacteria
b)    Can be eliminated by plant sterols preventing absorption
c)    Can be lowered by strain of good bacteria
d)    All of the above
e)    None of the above

7.    Which of the following are false

a)    Both diabetes and obesity is rising at an alarming rate
b)    Lactic acid plays a role in regulating blood sugar
c)    A western diet plays no role in the rise of diabetes and obesity
d)    Research indicates there is a connection between dysbiosis and obesity

8.    Which of the following is linked to chronic inflammation

a)    High blood pressure
b)    Cold sores
c)    Bowel movements
d)    Heartburn

9.    The difference between Candidiasis and Dysbiosis is:

a)    Only dysbiosis is caused by antibiotics use
b)    Only Candidiasis involves yeast overgrowth
c)    Dysbiosis involves yeast overgrowth
d)    Candidiasis does not have a relationship with bad bacteria

10.    Refined sugar feeds yeast

a)    Every time we it
b)    Only while we are on antibiotics
c)    Only when there is a unhealthy balance with good bacteria
d)    It does not feed it at all

11.    Leaky gut

a)    Is a normal conditions when we are bon
b)    Is kept closed by good bacteria
c)    Is caused by food allergies
d)    A and C are true
e)    A and B are true

12.    During a leaky gut protocol

a)    Antimicrobials like oil of oregano can be helpful in some circumstances
b)    It is not necessary to pull out foods
c)    A candidiasis protocol cannot be down at the same time
d)    All of the above
e)    None of the above

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