Welcome to your Jump Start Module 4 quiz

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1.    Stress can be described as

a)    An emotional response to conflict and activity
b)    A physiological response to conflict and activity
c)    An emotional response to danger
d)    A physiological process we must go through every day

2.    The adrenal cortex

a)    Is essential for life
b)    Produces hormones that are essential to life
c)    Produces adrenaline
d)    Produces noradrenaline

3.    Which of the following are issues with excess cortisol

a)    Weight gain, sleep issues, low sex drive
b)    Food cravings, high blood pressure, depression
c)    Low stomach acid, excess bile, nausea
d)    All of the above
e)    None of the above

4.    Dysbiosis is always present in

a)    Conditions of low stomach acid
b)    In cases of headaches
c)    IBS, Crohn’s and colitis
d)    In cases of colds and flus

5.    Autism has been linked to

a)    Eating the wrong foods during pregnancy
b)    Too many sugary foods for the child
c)    Pathogenic bacteria and the toxins they produce
d)    Too much exposure to poor sanitation

6.    Good gut bacteria may play a role in Alzheimer’s

a)    By regulating circadian rhythms and sleep
b)    By producing Omega 3 for the brain
c)    By making vitamin C
d)    None of the above

7.    Mindfulness is about focusing on:

a)    Blocking all thoughts from the mind
b)    Living in the moment
c)    Banishing all  negative thoughts
d)    Planning for the future

8.    According to mindfulness, to improve how you perform

a)    You must practice, practice, practice
b)    Educate yourself as best you can
c)    Find a mentor
d)    Don’t think about – just let go

9.    According to mindfulness, if something is bothering you should:

a)    Ignore it and focus on something else
b)    Work at removing the problem
c)    Move towards it – do not avoid it
d)    Talk to a friend

10.    The following systems in the body that are connected to adrenals:

a)    Immune, thyroid, liver
b)    Stomach, heart, nervous system
c)    Brain, skeletal and muscular
d)    All of the above

11.    Schizandra

a)    Supports the liver, kidney and blood sugar
b)    Is a type of vegetable
c)    Supports immune system, and  muscle function
d)    None of the above

12.    Adaptagens are:

a)    Plants that help regulate functions associated with the adrenals
b)    Able to balance the adrenals from either excess cortisol or low cortisol
c)    Supplements that can be found in combination with each other
d)    All of the above

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