Welcome to your HG Module 5 Quiz

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1.    The GAPS Diet:

a)    Is an adaptation of the SC Diet
b)    Allows certain grains
c)    Allow fibers is phase 1
d)    None of the above
e)    All of the above

2.    The SC Diet:

a)    Benefits all colitis and Crohn’s patients
b)    Is flawed because fruit contains oligosaccharides
c)    Encourages lots of fermented foods
d)    Is based on current gut health information

3.    The “P” In FODMAPs

a)    Refers to sugar alcohols
b)    Stands for polyphenols
c)    Refers to refined carbohydrates
d)    Refers to protein molecules

4.    Which of the following is true?

a)    FODMAPs diet is recommended for 1-2 years
b)    Potatoes are a low FODMAPs Food
c)    Peanuts are a high FODMAPs food
d)    FODMAPs teaches the client the truth about their issues

5.    The difference between Candidiasis and Dysbiosis is:

a)    Dysbiosis requires a special diet
b)    Dybiosis only requires a high dose probiotic
c)    Candidiasis requires the consistent use of an antimicrobial
d)    There is no difference between the two conditions

6.    To prevent Candidiasis

a)    People need to avoid sugar
b)    People need to be on an antimicrobials all the time
c)    Probiotics should be takes with antibiotics
d)    All of the above
e)    None of the above

7.    Which of the following statement are true

a)    Zonulin plays a role in keeping tight gap junctions
b)    Gliadin molecules attached to the gut receptors  and cause zonulin to be released
c)    Lactobacillus GG helps restore the gut lining
d)    b and c  are true
e)    a and c are true

8.    A leaky gut protocol

a)    Must be followed exactly
b)    Does not require probiotics
c)    Is only needed for 6 weeks
d)    Does include foods removal

9.    Which of the following is true:

a)    SIBO causes neurological and cognitive symptoms

b)    E coli and Clostirdium are found in the small intestines naturally

c)    IBS sufferers do not have SIBO

d)    SIBO and Candidiasis have complete different symptoms

10. Which if the following is false

a)    Hydrogen breath test measure methane and sulfur
b)    SIBO is an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the small intestines
c)    Bad bacteria can cause bile acids to decongugate
d)    SIBO has been linked to diabetes and gallstones

11.    Crohn’s Disease:

a)    Is an inflammation of the inner lining of the large intestine
b)    Does not require the use of immune suppressive drugs
c)    Can be linked to joint pain and liver issues
d)    None of the above

12.    Which of the following statements are true?

a)    SCFA are helpful for reducing symptoms in Crohn’s patients
b)    Aminonsalicylates help inflammation in the small intestines
c)    Corticosteroids help when Crohn’s is in remission
d)    Glutamine alone helps repair the gut lining

13.    Glutamine can help colitis patients by:

a)    By lowering hydrogen sulphide
b)    Lowering IL8 and TNF alpha
c)    Controls strain of E. Coli
d)    By increasing IL-10

14.    Which of the following statements is true?

a)    SCFA deficiency can be caused by a failure to ferment resistant starch
b)    Pineapple may lower inflammation in patients with colitis
c)    Turmeric can make conventional treatments more effective
d)    All of the above
e)    None of the above

15.    The gut microflora influences:

a)    The development of emotional behavior,
b)    Stress and pain-modulation systems,
c)    Brain neurotransmitter systems
d)    All of the above
e)    None of the above

16.    Gut Brain Connection

a)    High levels of BDNF are associated with altered gut flora
b)    Bifidobacterium Breve improves SCFA in the brain
c)    Probiotics are not associated with improving anxiety levels
d)    Acute stress is not associated with increased parasympathetic output

17:  Delayed gastric emptying is related to:

a)    Altered flora and increase in migraines
b)    Triggering IgG allergies
c)    Increasing the production of LPS
d)    Is involved in the crosstalk between the brain and the gut