Welcome to your SFP Fermenting Grains, Legumes, Nuts and Seeds Quiz

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1.    Legumes are the easiest to ferment because:
    a)    The legumes can be fermented using canned legumes
    b)    Legumes do not sprout easily
    c)    Legumes do not have to be soaked before cooking
    d)    Legumes ferment better than any other food

2.    Phytic acid in grains, nuts, seeds and legumes:
    a)    Is an anti-nutrient that causes minerals to be excreted
    b)    Is a phytonutrient that is also known as IP6
    c)    Works synergistically with gut bacteria for mineral absorption
    d)    A and C is correct
    e)    B and C is correct

3.    Fermenting flour means:
    a)    Fermenting the grain first and then grinding into flour
    b)    Adding all the wet ingredients to the flour including eggs to ferment for 12 hours
    c)    Do not add salt as it can inhibit fermentation so it is added after fermenting
    d)    All the above are true
    e)    None of the above are true 

4.    Nuts and seeds:
    a)    Can be fermented in just one week
    b)    Do not need phytic acid to be de-activated
    c)    Need to be soaked first before fermenting
    d)    None of the above