Welcome to your SFP Using The Information and Business Templates

Name Business Email Phone Number

1.    The best type of promotion is:
    a)    Email
    b)    Facebook Ads
    c)    Flyers
    d)    Print Ads

2.    In order to find people for your event:
    a)    You must advertise for them
    b)    You must wait until they find you
    c)    You must go where they are
    d)    None of the above 

3.    What is the biggest obstacle for getting started doing a workshop
    a)    The cost of the project or not knowing the cost
    b)    Your fear and uncertainty
    c)    Your lack of knowledge
    d)    Your lack of experience

4.    The purpose of a handout is:
    a)    To provide something for free to attendees
    b)    To provide them in written form information from the workshop
    c)    To provide them with more information and serve as promotion of your program
    d)    All of the above

5.    In order to pay for your services, potential clients
    a)    Need to believe you have a solution to their problems
    b)    Need to be able to justify the expense
    c)    Need to feel they are getting a bargain
    d)    Need a compelling argument to make the decision

6.    Discussing fermented foods can fit any protocol or niche because:
    a)    There is research supporting their connection to all health conditions
    b)    They all contain vitamins and minerals
    c)    They all have fibre
    d)    They help digestion of all food and this can be tied to everything

7.    When doing a power point presentation featuring fermented foods:
    a)    Be sure to just discuss just the fermented foods
    b)    Some extra info about some other aspects of your topic can be added
    c)    You should introduce yourself and explain why you are interested in the topic
    d)    A and C are correct
    e)    B and C are correct

8.    The purpose of having a power point is:
    a)    To use for lunch n learns
    b)    To use in weekly programs
    c)    To use at your own workshops
    d)    All of the above
    e)    None of the above

9.    For an email promotion
    a)    It is important to talk to people’s emotions
    b)    You should highlight all the key research information
    c)    You should include the price
    d)    All of the above

10.    The purpose of doing an email promotion is
    a)    To remind people of about the event and early bird date
    b)    To keep in touch with your list
    c)    To annoy people by sending  repeated emails
    d)    A and C are correct
    e)    A and B are correct

11.    Using the checklist
    a)    Allows you to outline your program so you can plan
    b)    Allows you to make a timeline for all the tasks
    c)    Save you time and stress because everything is planned
    d)    All of the above
    e)    None of the above

12.    The budget tool allows you to:
    a)    Figure out what price to charge
    b)    Know how many people you need to break even
    c)    Figure out your break even point
    d)    All of the above
    e)    None of the above

13.    Demo-style classes
    a)    Allow you to charge the same as a hand-on
    b)    Are the most effective way to do a fermentation class
    c)    Are best when there is a topic to present and it is a bonus
    d)    Are suitable for longer workshops

14.    When teaching how to make sauerkraut you should:
    a)    Use half a cabbage per person
    b)    Not let attendees touch the cabbage
    c)    Make the attendees bring their own jars
    d)    All of the above

15.    It is important when planning to promote your workshop
    a)    That you spend money to create professional materials
    b)    That you only target one group at a time
    c)    That you tell family, friends and neighbors
    d)    All of the above