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1.    As far as the history of fermented foods goes:
    a)    Wine and beer are the earliest forms of fermented foods
    b)    They date back to 3000 BC
    c)    They were developed for their taste and texture
    d)    All of the above

2.    Our ancestors understood:
    a)    Fermented foods could not protect against food-born illnesses
    b)    That fermenting cassava deactivated cyanide
    c)    They were not a preservation technique
    d)    None of the above

3.    Lacto-fermentation:
    a)    Is an anaerobic process that produces lactic acid
    b)    Only occurs when making sauerkraut
    c)    Only occurs when making kimchi and sauerkraut
    d)    None of the above

4.    Good bacteria in our gut:
    a)    Is depleted by antibiotics, and NSAIDs
    b)    Is replenished by probiotics and fermented foods
    c)    Is replenished by prebiotics foods
    d)    A and B are true
    e)    A and C are true

5.    Fermented foods:
    a)    Contribute good bacteria and yeast to in the intestinal tract while they are there
    b)    Increased bioavailability of nutrients and phytonutrients for the body   
    c)    Improved digestibility of the foods and the foods that are eaten with them
    d)    All of the above
    e)    None of the above

6.    The key to eating fermented foods:
    a)    Eat only one kind per day
    b)    Consume at least 3 different types per week
    c)    They must be consumed by themselves
    d)    All of the above

7. Some fermented foods:

a) Can be used to replace vinegar in a recipe
b) Like sourdough bread contain live bacteria and yeast
c) Like sauerkraut can be eaten in large amounts
d) Are not helpful for gut health and digestion

8. A thermometer and ph paper can be helpful for making:

a) Kimchi
b) Kefir
c) Kombucha
d) Sauerkraut

9: Which of the following is a basic rule?

a) Only use fresh brine when making cultured vegetables
b) Avoid using chlorinated water
c) Only use stainless steel utensils
d) It is normal for fermented foods to smell funky

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