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1.    Choucroute is another name for:
    a)    Cultured Cauliflower
    b)    Sauerkraut
    c)    Kimchi
    d)    None of the above

2.    Which of the following is found in sauerkraut?
    a)    L. Casei
    b)    L. Breve
    c)    L. Plantarum
    d)    L. Rhamnosus

3.    Which of the following is true?
    a)    Good bacteria produces lactic acid to lower the ph of a fermented food
    b)    Fermenting a food preserves the vitamin C content
    c)    Sauerkraut contains anti-cancer isothiocyanates
    d)    All are true
    e)    None are true

4.    When making sauerkraut:
    a)    The salt inhibits the bad bacteria
    b)    It is important to allow some space for oxygen in the jar
    c)    The weight is to help to continue the “bruising” process
    d)    It’s ready in 4 days

5.    Which of the following is true?
    a)    The ideal temperature for sauerkraut is 70 degrees
    b)    White foam on top is not a sign of mold
    c)    If there is gas build-up inside the jar throw it out
    d)    Sauerkraut has a ph of about 4

6.    To get the benefits of sauerkraut:
    a)    It must be consumed by itself
    b)    It loses all it benefits when cooked
    c)    1/4 of a cup is an appropriate as a serving
    d)    You must consume it daily to get the benefits

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