Welcome to your SFP Cultured Vegetables Quiz quiz

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1.    Which of the following is the true?
    a)    They are antimicrobial
    b)    They contain antioxidants
    c)    They have a ph of 4
    d)    All of the above
    e)    None of the above

2.    Culturing vegetables:
    a)    Increases B vitamins
    b)    Does not make them more digestible as they stay crunchy
    c)    Has a lot of research to support their benefits
    d)    Does not include kimchi or sauerkraut

3.    To keep cultured vegetables crunchy:
    a)    You must not use whey
    b)    You must only use salt
    c)    You must not ferment too long
    d)    You must not add too much water

4.    When preparing cultured vegetables:
    a)    It is important to consider what you what you will be using them for
    b)    You need to add them to soup at the time of serving
    c)    Cooking them allow you to still get the extra bioavailability of the nutrients
    d)    All of the above
    e)    None of the above

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