Welcome to your SFP Milk Kefir Quiz

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1.    Milk kefir:
    a)    Contains 35 strains of synergistic bacteria and yeast
    b)    Is one of the simplest fermented foods to make
    c)    The yeast strains can be cultivated separately from the bacteria strains
    d)    Originate from the Cascadian mountains in Russia

2.    A benefit of milk kefir is:
    a)    Can increase histamine
    b)    Cannot inhibit bad bacteria in food
    c)    May aid those who are lactose intolerant
    d)    May increase acne

3.    During the kefir making process:
    a)    Carbon dioxide is produced
    b)    Along with lactic acid, acetic acid is also produced
    c)    Can be fermented as long as two weeks
    d)    Fermentation stops as soon as the grains are removed

4.    The kefir is made anaerobically because:
    a)    The grains are submerged in the milk
    b)    The grains need carbon dioxide to survive
    c)    There is a lid on the jar
    d)    All of the above is true
    e)    None of the above is true

5.    Coconut Kefir:
    a)    Contains carbohydrates to feed the grains
    b)    Does not need to have something added to feed the grains
    c)    Must have grains returned to milk after three batches
    d)    Required more grains than milk to make the kefir

6.    When using kefir grains:
    a)    They must be rinsed after each use
    b)    Can be stored by themselves in the refrigerator
    c)    Keep well in milk for a few weeks in the refrigerator
    d)    None of the above

7.    For consuming kefir:
    a)    1/4 cup must be consumed daily
    b)    It can be used in a recipe or taken straight
    c)    Cannot be used in a smoothie
    d)    All of the above