Welcome to your SFP Water Kefir Quiz

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1.    Water kefir originated in:
    a)    Mexico
    b)    Japan
    c)    Tibet
    d)    Origin is Unknown

2.    Water kefir may:
    a)    Lower cholesterol and triglycerides
    b)    Make blood sugar fluctuate because of the sugar content
    c)    Synthesizes minerals
    d)    Does not contain antioxidants

3.    Which of the following is true?
    a)    Fermenting with kefir grains in an aerobic process
    b)    Fermenting kefir water past 48 hours may starve the grains
    c)    The ph of kefir water is 3.5
    d)    Al of the above are true

4.    Flavoured kefir water is made by adding:
    a)    Add fruits, herbs and spices to the water during the fermentation process
    b)    Use the kefir grains in juice and ferment it
    c)    Remove the kefir grains after 48 hours and do a second ferment with the kefir water
    d)    Add the kefir water to juice