Chocolate: What You Have Been Waiting For!

If you love chocolate and have you been waiting for someone to tell you that chocolate is good for your gut? Well, then today is your lucky day.  Chocolate is a significant prebiotic and feeds the good bacteria. There it is. The news you have been waiting for. The best possible news for those who [...]

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For Practitioners: The Healthy Gut Certificate Program

Are you looking for more options for clients? Have you been struggling with client compliance? Are your clients getting the results you seek for them?The Healthy Gut Certificate Program is now open until March 31st, 2016. It is a unique program to help you add this important area of information to your protocols. It will [...]

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Fermented Hummus

 Hummus is a popular item for healthy snacks and sandwiches but what if it could be made even better and deliver more nutrients? Well, it can. Fermenting the chickpeas (garbonzo beans) before they are turned into yummy hummus potentiates all the vitamin, minerals and phytonutrients. That’s right. Fermenting makes them “super” chickpeas. And there is [...]

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The Real Truth About Nitrates

This is probably a conversation I do not want to have. After all, the link between cancer and nitrates is well-established, isn’t it? So why do I keep reading about studies that show the benefits of dietary nitrates. Well, further investigation finds that once again, well-established facts are not so well established. And the nitrate [...]

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Designing A Cleanse To Fit You

I am sitting at a desk invigilating the exams at the school and detoxing at the same time. What that means is that I have a headache, I am tired and a bit antsy. I started this cleanse on Tuesday, thinking I would be past the headache stage by Friday but my body had plans [...]

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How to Make Feta Cheese

As you can see from the picture, while my feta cheese set up into curds, they are still not as dry as store-bought feta cheese. I have made it twice. The first time draining the curds using cheesecloth and the second time I used a coffee filter, which worked better.  I think when I do [...]

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The Myth of 5-6 Meals A Day

There is a current nutrition trend that encourages everyone to eat 5-6 small meals a day. It is called “grazing” similar to how cows and horses feed themselves which makes a lot of sense for them but then they really don’t have anything else to do. Also, it is how people assume our ancestors ate [...]

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