The Prebiotic Benefits of Almonds

No wonder I was such a healthy child. Raw natural almonds were my favourite snack. My mother did not allow any sweets except on special occasions and a potato chip or a cheesie would have been shot on sight had they ever crossed our door path. The snacks I had free reign over were natural [...]

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Fermented Foods – How Many and What Kind?

That is the question I am asked the most often when discussing fermented foods. I always say at least five per week, though one or two a day is even better and there should be a variety. In other words you cannot just eat yogurt and think you have taken care of yourself. This just [...]

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Chew Your Food and Lose Weight?

Do you have trouble controlling your appetite or feeling satisfied after your eat a meal? If the answer is yes, perhaps it is not about how much you ate or what you ate. Maybe it is about how you chew? Let’s talk about spit. As gross as that may sound I really wonder if people [...]

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The Gut Has “Taste Buds”

There is a lot of research ongoing to discover all the mysteries of the gut. One area of research, although in its early stages, is looking at how the gut “tastes” different types of foods. A new study published in the journal, Diabetes, has found that those suffering from Diabetes Type II may have defective sweet tasting [...]

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Three Cooking Tips I Learned This Week

We can only eat so much food and take so many supplements. There are only 24 hours in a day to manage all the chewing and swallowing and our stomachs, while expandable, only expand so far. So my focus is to do more with less. I want to decrease the things that do not help [...]

By | September 4th, 2013|Research|0 Comments

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