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1.    Probiotics help during cancer treatment

    a)    Fewer breaks in treatment
    b)    Fewer side effects
    c)    Avoiding secondary complications
    d)    All of the above
    e)    None of the above

2.    Which of the following has been show to help with Oral cancer?

    a)    L. Salivarius Pen
    b)    L. Salivarius Ren
    c)    L. Rhamnosus GG
    d)    L . Bulgaricus 207

3.    Mucositis is a condition of:

    a)    Lack of production of mucus to protect the lining
    b)    Too much mucus in the stool
    c)    Inflammation and ulcerations
    d)    Damage to the muscles of the intestinal lining

4.    Which of the following have been found to be helpful in Diarrhea during cancer treatment:

    a)    L. Acidophilus
    b)    B. Bifidum
    c)    L. Rhamnosus
    d)    All of the above
    e)    None of above

5.    Which of the following are major colonisors during a vaginal birth?

    a)    Bifidobacteria, bacteroides,
    b)    Staphylococci and Enterococci
    c)    Lactobacilli, Enterobacteria
    d)    Chlostridia

6.    The following is a factor for allergy in children:

    a)    Delay in the compositional development of the good bacteria
    b)    Breast feeding by a mother with allergies
    c)    Feeding the baby foods to soon
    d)    None of the above
    e)    All of the above

7.    Probiotics for pregnant women

    a)    Help lower risk of gestational diabetes
    b)    Help prevent acid reflux
    c)    Help eliminate morning sickness
    d)    Help prevent profuse sweating

8.    The following supplements are contra-indicated for pregnant women

    a)    Chamomile
    b)    Glutamine
    c)    Aloe Vera
    d)    Probiotics

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