Simply Fermentation Online Workshop

Growing a business is easier when you have more services to offer. And it has to fit what you do and provide value to clients. But you're only one person. It can be overwhelming trying to do it all, in order to have a business and help your clients at the same time. Offering simple [...]

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2 Versions of Kimchi

  There's no one way to make kimchi. Every family, that has a tradition of making kimchi, would make a version that was unique. Below is one version for what we might call a typical kimchi and then below, one using broccoli and sweet peppers.  Why would you want to do it differently? To suite [...]

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Rhubarb Kimchi

This is another use for rhubarb. Believe it or not, it tastes like kimchi with hints of rhubarb. This is perfect adding on top of a soup once serve or using in a salad dressing.  It provides all the benefits of the beneficial bacteria from fermenting the mixture plus the ingredients are also prebiotic as [...]

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